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PHU Kondor is member of european chain of Leader Service services created by Fota s.a. company on the basis of existing since five years chain - Lider Serwis. It is uniting garage service workshops rendering complex motorised customer service. We perform all types of mechanic repairs of passenger cars, lorries, particularly:

  • diagnostics and reparation of engines mechanical and electric sets including main reparations
  • diagnostics and reparation of drive transmition gears, clutches, gearboxes, drive shafts, half-shafts and shafts
  • reparation of brake gears, pumps, cylinders, brake pipes, brake pads, clamps
  • reparation of steering gears, levers, pivots, rocking levers
  • reparation of MacPherson struts, suspensions, replacement of shock-absorbers, springs
  • replacement of maintenance fluids - reparation of starters, alternators
  • mounting tow hooks

We invite individual customers and firms which have their own means of transport to using our services. In order to provide fast realization of service we ask you for fixing a concrete date with us.